Cobb school district ranks fifth in statewide SAT scores

The logo on front of a Cobb County School District facilityCobb County School District sign (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County School District ranked fifth place in statewide total mean SAT scores (the combined Evidence Based Reading and Writing Mean, and Math Mean)

The rankings of the top ten districts were as follows:

School DistrictSAT test takersScore
Decatur City Schools1541227
Forsyth County Schools2,1401193
Buford City Schools1931162
Fayette County School District (GA)8381152
Cobb County School District3,4511150
Catoosa County Schools371146
Thomasville City Schools281135
Oconee County Schools4591133
Gwinnett County Public Schools5,4301132
Fulton County Schools3,5731128

Evidence Based Reading and Writing Mean

CCSD also ranked fifth place in the Evidence Based reading and writing mean.

School districtSAT test takersScore
Decatur City Schools154624
Thomasville City Schools28603
Forsyth County Schools2,140597
Fayette County School District (GA)838582
Cobb County School District3,451581
Catoosa County Schools37581
Buford City Schools193579
Oconee County Schools459577
Brantley County Schools38574
Clarke County School District #629157571

Math Mean Scores

And to maintain a perfect streak in fifth position, CCSD also came in fifth in math mean scores:

School DistrictSAT test takersScore
Decatur City Schools154603
Forsyth County Schools2,140596
Buford City Schools193583
Fayette County School District (GA)838570
Cobb County School District3,451568
Gwinnett County Public Schools5,430565
Catoosa County Schools37565
Bleckley County Schools53563
Fulton County Schools3,573560
Jefferson City Schools154557

“Our students continue to outperform their peers on state and national assessments, like the SAT, because of our One Team’s commitment to academics and student success. Despite the pandemic, both in-person and virtual learning options for students are continuing to bring success as a result of our awesome teachers performing above and beyond each day,” said Cobb County School District Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

Considerable drop in SAT test takers in the district

5283 Cobb students took the SAT test in 2020, compared with 3,451 this year, a drop of 1,832.

This is consistent with the national drop in SAT test takers between 2020 and 2021.

“While the College Board does not release participation percentages at the national level, the raw numbers show a decline in participation at the national level as well: 1.5 million students in the high school class of 2021 took the SAT at least once, down from 2.2 million in the class of 2020,” a press release from the Georgia Department of Education stated.