Rep. Erick Allen: Antitrust Legislation Could Slow Innovation, Distract Congress from Vital Issues

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Dear Editor,

With so many pressing issues facing our nation, such as vaccine hesitancy, assaults on our right to vote from within Georgia, and an ongoing and necessary racial justice reckoning, it is more important than ever for lawmakers at all levels of government to prioritize policymaking in a smart and effective way. This is particularly true of Congress, with voting rights legislation, infrastructure, and a host of other pressing issues before them today.

Unfortunately, some have focused elsewhere, moving forward with antitrust proposals aimed at the technology sector. These necessary conversations around technology policy should be held for a legislative moment that affords the room necessary to give them the time they deserve.

And after all, technological innovations and platforms have been a boon to the U.S. and Georgia economy, and their importance only increased during the pandemic, particularly for minority-owned small businesses. Undoubtedly, they will be critical to our COVID-19 recovery.


As lawmakers continue critical deliberations in Congress, we hope they will do so with clear eyes, ready to address what matters to the American people: our right to vote, our crumbling infrastructure, and an increasingly severe climate crisis included.


Representative Erick Allen

[Rep. Erick Allen represents Georgia House District 40 and candidate for Georgia Lieutenant Governor]


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  1. The voting rights legislation be pushed now is nothing more than an attempt to usurp states rights. It is a power grab by the democrats. Also, the infrastructure bill contains more money for pork barrel projects than actual infrastructure. There is a need for anti trust legislation. The tech companies have violated the constitution by censoring conservative opinions. Just because you don’t support anti trust legislation does not mean it isn’t needed.

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