MTG says that maybe U.S. should be destroyed in Congress, rather than in a real Civil War

sock puppet with tin foil hatSock puppet with tin foil hat

After making her widely ridiculed and panned comments on Twitter yesterday that suggested she’d be in favor of dismantling the United States and denying the right to vote to Californians and New Yorkers if they moved out-of-state, Marjorie Taylor Greene clarified today by saying that maybe the U.S. should be dismantled in Congress rather than with an actual Civil War.

You can read the whole thread by clicking on “Read the full conversation on Twitter,” but basically she says that perhaps the dismantling of the U.S. could take place in Congress rather than in an actual war, and she doubled down on her view that Californians and New Yorkers should forfeit their right to vote if they move into a GOP-controlled state.

Marjorie Taylor Greene will represent Austell and Powder Springs under the proposed redistricting plan. I doubt those heavily Democratic areas will agree that they should forfeit their right to vote because of their party preference.