New updates posted on the condition of former Cobb BOC Chairman Mike Boyce

Cobb BOC Chairman Mike BoyceCobb BOC Chairman Mike Boyce (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

There have been two new updates posted on the Caring Bridge page for former Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Boyce since Cobb County posted its update on January 19.

The updates are being posted by Sue Ballard Stone.

The first one, from January 20, reads:

Good Evening Folks, sorry I’m so late…
Many of you have asked how Judy is doing and this morning she told me she’s doing great, being strong and coping well.  She is staying in the moment.  Tonight she is ecstatic with joy.
I’m so excited to share that we have good news. Mike is showing progress and responding especially to Judy’s voice. .Keep praying because God is not just hearing but answering our petitions to Him, To God be the Glory for this progress!!  

The second, posted on January 22 stated:

Today it has been a week since Mike had his first stroke.  He is only allowed visitors, 2 a day, and the same 2 for each day during visiting hours which are only about 3 hrs.  Your prayers, love and concern are comfort to his family, thank you!!  

All of Mike’s children are in South Bend and have visited with him this week, as well as Judy.  They are all talking to him and he is showing signs of recognition by occasionally movement of his feet and legs.  The Dr’s love the fact that they are talking with him and playing his playlist from the I POD for the time they are there.  This is still a waiting game and as planned he will be monitored for the next several days.  Psalms 62:8  Trust in Him at all times people, pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge…
Keep Praying

You can read updates, and post messages of encouragement to Chairman Boyce and his family and friends by following this link to the Caring Bridge page.


Former Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Boyce suffered two strokes, and is hospitalized in Indiana.

Boyce defeated fellow Republican Tim Lee in the 2016 primary election and served for a term. He was defeated by current BOC Chairwoman Lisa Cupid in 2020 in a race that ushered in nearly complete Democratic control of county-wide offices for the first time in decades.