Cobb BOC Virtual Zoning meeting this Tuesday, February 15

Cobb County government building sign, a vertical rectangular sign with the words "Board of Commissioners," "County Clerk," "County Manager," "County Office," "Employment," and a wheelchair entrance icon

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners virtual monthly zoning meeting is this Tuesday, February 15.

The details from the county website, including a link to sign up for public comment, and a link to the agenda, are reprinted below:

  • Tue, 02/15/2022 – 09:00 AM

Board of Commissioners Zoning Hearing
February 15, 2022
9 a.m.

[Editors note: the county website continues to advertise the meeting place, but both the title and the note at the bottom of this announcement states that this event is virtual only. If we are told differently by the county on Monday, we will update this announcement: Larry Johnson, Editor and Publisher, Cobb County Courier
You can watch this meeting in real-time by viewing CobbTV’s streams on:

∙ YouTube (click on “Live Now” after the meeting starts)
∙ Cobb County Website: CobbTV
∙ Cable TV:  The government access channel on Cobb County cable TV systems



Because of pandemic-related restrictions, residents who wished to comment on a case are encouraged to do so virtually.  You will have the same amount of time to address the issue as you would in person.


  • If you are participating virtually, please log on to the session to check the audio at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting. 
  • If you are commenting on a case, please do NOT watch the proceedings on the streaming video channels, as these broadcasts are delayed and could cause you to miss your speaking opportunity.
  • Please register for virtual participation ONLY if you wish to participate in the meeting. 
  • The Q&A feature of the virtual platform will NOT be used to register “votes” or “objections” during the meeting and should not be used as a chat feature.

Anyone with a visual presentation to show during the meeting MUST submit it in advance of the meeting to

Please send any reports of non-functioning links or streams to

Please note: this is a virtual event and not being held at a physical location.To sign up/registration information