Luisa Wakeman announces run for Senate District 6

Luisa WakemanLuisa Wakeman (photo courtesy of Luisa Wakeman)

Luisa Wakeman announced her campaign for the Democratic Primary for the Georgia Senate District 6 now held by Democrat Jen Jordan, who is running for Georgia Attorney General.

The General Primary election will be held May 24, 2022.

Here is the press release in which she announced her candidacy:

Marietta, GA – Today, Democrat Luisa Wakeman announced her campaign for State Senate District 6: 

“I am running for Senate District 6 to represent the voice of the people of this district. This is not the time to step back, this is an important election and we must step up in order to continue to move the state forward. We have a majority party pushing extreme legislation that defies the values of most Georgians. While our kids continue active shooter drills in school, Republican legislators are pushing a law that allows anyone to buy weapons without a license.

As hospitals fill to capacity and frontline healthcare workers have been pushed to exhaustion, legislators used their power to prevent lawsuits from covid-19 harm. After an election where parents, grandparents, frontline workers, waited hours in line to vote, legislators made it even more difficult for Georgians to cast a ballot, especially voters in Black and immigrant communities. We deserve representation that will listen to the people of this district.”

Luisa has been a member of this community for over 25 years. She has worked for Delta Air Lines for most of that time, but when the Great Recession hit, she went back to school, became a Registered Nurse, and worked two jobs to help support her family.  As a frontline worker, Luisa knows firsthand the challenges of working in person during a worldwide pandemic. This is why Luisa helped deliver approximately 1000 vaccinations in arms through the Fulton County Medical reserve corps to combat COVID19. As Georgians, that’s what we do when times are tough, we step up.