Nichelle Davis announces candidacy for Cobb school board Post 6

Photo of Nichelle Davis smilingNichelle Davis (photo provided by candidate)

Nichelle Davis qualified to run for the Cobb Board of Education Post 6 in the May 24 Democratic Primary. The post is currently held by Democrat Charisse Davis, who did not seek to qualify in the newly redrawn district.

Nichelle Davis is the only candidate to qualify by the deadline, so will run unopposed in both the primary and the general election.

Here is her announcement of candidacy:

Former Cobb County educator Nichelle Davis has announced her candidacy for Cobb County School Board Post 6. Nichelle is the Manager of Operations for Achieve Atlanta, an education nonprofit that focuses on helping students access, afford, and earn postsecondary credentials. She also founded ImpactED Solutions, LLC, a tutoring company that provides learning experiences for K-12 students that are tailored to meet their needs and maximize their academic success. Nichelle plans to leverage her expertise from her time in the classroom and her insights as an educational entrepreneur to improve student outcomes in Cobb County public schools.  


“The word education,” offered Davis, “is derived from the verbal stem educe—to draw out. I believe every child has talent inside that we can draw, both for their own benefit and our community’s benefit. I am passionate about education and equipping our children for the future, and that is why I am running to represent the parents and students of Cobb County Post 6 on the school board.”

Nichelle Davis is a graduate from the University of Florida with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Criminology and minors in Women Studies, Educational Studies, and Leadership. She has a background in education policy advocacy and campaign experience, and Davis believes those experiences prime her to be a champion for the constituents of Cobb County Post 6.

“I am only one voice,” said Davis, “but I promise to be a powerful voice that elevates the concerns of those I represent. Every student deserves a world-class education, and every parent deserves transparency and access to leadership. Those values will define my approach as I collaborate with the superintendent and other board members to make Cobb County Schools a model for educational excellence.” 


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  1. Ms Davis, what will be your first order of business on the first day of your job? I do hope you be a champion for the children and community of Cobb County. God bless you to be a warrior and a model for education.

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