Letter to the Editor: Make gun-owners responsible for weapons left in cars

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Regarding the article Georgia law nixes permit requirement for firearms as gun politics gin up GOP base,

If the Georgia governor and legislature insist on unbridled freedom for gun toters, then they should couple this increased authority with an equal amount of responsibility.

Owing to the spate of gun thefts from automobiles, gun owners should be RESPONSIBLE for the safekeeping of these weapons. Therefore, In cases where the gun owner cannot “carry” a firearm and leaves it in their car, the owner should be required to lock the gun in a gun safe located in the trunk.

Failure to do so would make the owner culpable in any crime committed with the stolen weapon. Since this was not part of the new law, we can only assume that the legislators’ uproar about the increase in violent crime as empty rhetoric.


Pax Riddle