Letter to the Editor: What would change the county forever: Lost Mountain cityhood or the Uniform Code?

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By Fred Beloin

To the Editor:

You posit that cityhood movements could change the face of Cobb County forever.

Hypothetically, if those new cities adopted Cobb’s current zoning code, while the county adopted a new unified code, which changes that Chair Cupid has discussed in her State of the County, would cityhood actually preserve  the county or change the face of it? Can you tell me what is in this new Unified Code? To what extent will it change the face of the county?

Aside from Chair Cupid’s comments, what do any of us know about the major changes to be wrought by this stealthy, Unified Code? How do we know whether such a Unified Code will allow for the preservation of our largely suburban character when we do not know what is in it and there is apparently a refusal to state that it is to be designed to protect that character, per Ron Sifen’s statements?  

I ask these questions purely in an individual capacity, of course, though I question your inference that it is cityhood that would change the face of the County.   

Fred Beloin is a 37-year resident of Cobb County