Cobb PARKS offers women’s self-defense courses

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Cobb PARKS offers a course in women’s self-defense on the second Friday of each month.

For information on the session upcoming this Friday, refer to the notice posted on the Cobb County government Facebook page reprinted below:

Women’s Self Defense at Ward Recreation Center for all ages, 6 -7:30 p.m. Aug. 12.

In this self-defense seminar, you will get the chance to learn and perform useful self-defense moves based on martial arts techniques. These easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember moves use your own body weight and leverage to help get you out of a bad situation.

This is a fun, energetic class full of support and encouragement. You will leave feeling knowledgeable and empowered. This is not a sit-and-talk class. You will learn actual physical techniques that can help you fight back.

Register here:…/de1be095bfa6024b13e14585d5e92…

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About Cobb PARKS

Cobb PARKS is the branch of Cobb County government that manages 90 properties, of which 78 are developed parks.

The total acreage the department manages is over 6,000 acres.

The Cobb PARKS website describes the history of the department as follows:

The Department originated in 1966 as the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Department, and in 1989 was renamed Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department with the addition of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department. The Department is divided into three divisions: Administration, Park Operations, and Services. Administration includes the Directors office, business management, and human resource functions. Parks Operations is responsible for maintaining the parks and its structures. The Services Division oversees the programming offered through the department.

The specialized facilities managed by the department include the Cobb County Civic Center Complex, Al Bishop and Lost Mountain Softball Complexes, five recreation centers, five community centers, four arts centers, the Mable House-Barnes Amphitheatre, the Cobb Gymnastics Center, six tennis centers and 13 satellite tennis court locations, four indoor aquatic centers and two outdoor seasonal pools, more than 60 miles of trails, two golf courses, the fairgrounds at Jim Miller Park, and the Jim Miller Park event center.

The Director of Cobb PARKS is Michael Brantley.