Self-described gang member sentenced to 15 years for shoot-out in Powder Springs

Cobb Superior Court with Cobb County Courier logo

A man was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with 10 of those years to be served in custody, for a March 9 shootout in Powder Springs.

Taviair Dye was found guilty by a Cobb County jury on October 21 of aggravated assault and violation of Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy, III handed down the sentence on November 1.

According to Superior Court records, the incident took place on March 9, and Cobb Sheriff’s Office records indicate he was arrested on June 19.


A public information release from Cobb County District Attorney Flynn Broady, Jr., described the incident as follows:

“Four men were in the process of changing a flat tire on their vehicle in the Country Cove subdivision in Powder Springs when Dye opened fire on them, striking their vehicle.

“The occupants of the vehicle returned fire and fled the area. Shortly thereafter, Dye sent a threatening text message to an acquaintance of the victims saying that he always shoots first.

“The occupants of the vehicle were later pulled over for driving on the rim of the vehicle.  During the course of that traffic stop, police notice a bullet hole in the body and window of the vehicle.

“Through investigation, police discovered they were involved in the shooting at Country Cove.

“Search warrants on social media resulted in additional evidence related to the shooting as well as evidence of Dye’s involvement and association with the 2Solid gang. In Dye’s social media he bragged about being in shootouts and shooting at opposition members of the 2Solid gang.”

According to the public information release, “The District Attorney Major Crimes trial team included Assistant District Attorney Jay Winkler, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Paul Camarillo, Investigator A. Allen, Victim Advocates Beth Reid and Cindy Bard, and Legal Administrative Assistant Kayla Willis.”

Dye was represented by Marietta attorney Forrest Shealy

Assistant District Attorney Winkler, the lead trial lawyer on the team stated, “With senseless violent crime on the rise, this sentence sends the message such violence will not be tolerated and anyone involved in such violence will be held accountable in Cobb County.”