Staying healthy at Nature’s Pick Market

Rows of shelves with colorful vegetables in small brown binsNature's Pick Market vegetables (photo by Brian Benefield)

by Brian Benefield [This article is part of the Second Helpings series of articles about food and eating in Cobb County]

It’s that time of year again when many people start to think of getting healthier, losing weight, and joining a gym.  New years resolutions are usually short-lived and mostly a futile effort.  I firmly believe that if you want to attempt to stay healthy by eating better and exercising regularly, it has to be based on consistency throughout the year and not just in January.  Nature’s Pick Market can help you get and stay on the right track, and the people there are very knowledgeable about everything they sell.  The owners of this fine neighborhood market, Yogesh and Komal Patel, couldn’t be more pleasant, and they’re almost always there to help out with whatever you may be seeking.  Going on six years in business in 2023, they are humbled by the outpouring of love and support from the Marietta community. 

The Patels are from India and migrated to the US for Yogesh to pursue an IT career.  Once completing his master’s degree in computer science, Yogesh worked as an IT architect in the pharmaceutical industry.  After having some health issues in the family that none of the mainstream healthcare systems could diagnose, they took a deep dive into the study of food, herbs, and natural remedies that have been used in their culture that date back to ancient times.  Their journey to being healthier began by eating cleaner, meaning only organic, non-GMO foods, and buying products from local farms that practice regenerative agriculture.  This experiment took about three years, but they noticed a massive difference in how their overall health improved.  It was a lightbulb over the head type moment, and they had the idea to open Nature’s Pick Market to share their passion and knowledge with the neighborhood of Marietta, which they’ve called home for eighteen years. 

The selection of vitamins and supplements they offer is vast, and if you have a question about which one is right for you, the friendly owners or employees will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  My wife and I take numerous supplements daily, including Elderberry, Black seed oil, Papaya enzyme, and vitamin D3, to name a few.  We vehemently believe in the power of these to keep your immune system strong.  We buy CBD oils and gummies to get restful sleep, and they have a nice variety of household cleaning products without harsh chemicals.  

The aesthetic inside the shop is calming and well thought out.  With warm, lightly colored woods contrasting with pops of orange, green, and yellow that mimic produce colors.  Savor a drink at the fresh-squeezed organic juice and smoothie bar, and be sure to check out the Grab & Go section of house-made organic prepared food and juices.  This store was invaluable during the height of the pandemic and went above and beyond to take our phone orders for fresh veggies and proteins.  Upon arrival, we pulled up to have them bring our food to the car and even process payment in the parking lot.  They continue to offer this service to those that need it.  

At NP, you can find an abundance of fresh, organic, locally grown veggies as well as pasture-raised meats, eggs, and healthful frozen food options.  Of course, my wife and I splurge on pizza or the occasional juicy burger and fries.  But for the majority, we try to eat lean proteins like fish or turkey breasts and fresh, roasted veggies for supper each night.  Recently, we have incorporated a veggie night for the evening meal once a week that consists of fresh peas of some variety, a sweet potato, and brussels sprouts.  I add hot sauce to my peas like every good Southerner should and feel quite full and satisfied after this meal.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at NP, it probably doesn’t exist, as they carry over 8000 carefully curated items ranging from bulk food items, nuts, grains, teas, coffees, personal care products, and much, much more.  I definitely agree with their philosophy – Eat right.  Stay Healthy.  And if I could add my soon-to-be-famous slogan company idea – When you eat better, you feel better.  

Nature’s Pick Market is located at 660 Whitlock Ave NW, Marietta, GA 30064.

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