Suspect in double homicide on South Cobb Drive commits suicide as police approach

Cobb County Police Department Crime Scene Unit vehicle

[Photo of Cobb County police vehicle: Larry Felton Johnson / Cobb County Courier]

Officer Aaron Wilson of the Cobb County Police Department reports that the department’s Major Crimes Unit is investigating a double homicide at the 4800 block of South Cobb Drive. The suspect committed suicide upon being approached by police on Barrett Parkway after fleeing the scene of the crime.

The public information release describes the incident as follows:

“Preliminary findings suggest a lone suspect approached the establishment, tragically shooting and killing two individuals before fleeing in a vehicle. The suspect’s vehicle was located via Flock cameras near the intersection of East-West Connector and Powder Springs Road.

“Cobb County Police Officers located the vehicle as the suspect headed toward Macland Road on Ernest Barrett Pkwy. The incident concluded as officers attempted to stop the vehicle when the suspect stopped and took their own life. This shooting is an isolated incident between known individuals, and there is no threat to the public.” 

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Cobb County Police Tip Hotline at 770-499-4111. ​

Crimes Against Persons Unit (aka Major Crimes Unit)

The Crimes Against Persons Division of the Cobb County Police Department is broken down into several specialized units, to investigate homicides, robberies, technology-based crime, domestic violence and stalking, and crimes against children. It has a unit that does crime analysis to identify evidence to help link cases and identify suspects.

The division also houses the Crime Scene Unit which according to the division’s website “is responsible for documenting and processing crime scenes to locate evidence, identify suspects, and to present evidence in criminal proceedings. Crime scene technicians are responsible for processing evidence utilizing a variety of procedures for fingerprint, DNA, and trace evidence.”