Cupid seeks input on Chattahoochee park name

Chattahoochee River looking south from Highway 78 toward the site of the South Cobb Water Reclamation Facility repair

Request for community input on the Chattahoochee park name

Cobb County District 4 Commissioner Lisa Cupid sent a message in her email newsletter, requesting input from the community on the controversial naming of the upcoming Chattahoochee park, between the river and Discovery Blvd in Mableton.  The name has been on hold while the issue of including a reference to the Civil War history of the site in the name was debated.  The park is at the southern edge of a series of fortifications called Shoupades that formed Johnston’s River Line, named for Confederate general Joseph Johnston. One of the early proposals was to have Johnston’s name on the park, which got a sharp reaction from the surrounding community, which objected to a Confederate general’s name on a South Cobb and Mableton county park.

Here’s the message from Commissioner Cupid

Residents have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed name,”Mableton’s Chattahoochee River Line Park” for the newly-approved park along Discovery Boulevard in Mableton by emailing comments to

On June 12, I delayed the Board of Commissioners’ vote to name the park property due to correspondence indicating that there may be broader public perspective on the proposed name.  “Mableton’s Chattachoochee River Line Park” was put forward out of a collaboration between two organizations, the Riverline Historic Area and the Mableton Improvement Coalition.

The initial proposed name of the park “Mableton Discovery Park” did not appear to be supported by people who believe the name should reflect the historic significance of the park as it relates to the Civil War.

I appreciate the efforts of both the Mableton Improvement Coalition and the Riverline Historic Area to come together to reach compromise. Residents now will have more opportunity to weigh in on the final name, which will likely be the name of the park for generations to come.

I will consider feedback and suggestions prior to bringing this park name before the Board of Commissioners for approval.