Roundabout for Holly Springs Road

roundabout road signRoundabout sign (photo by Nima Farid - Own work, Public Domain,

Roundabout plans and other safety improvement proposals for Holly Springs Road will be on display at a Cobb DOT open house.  It will be on Thursday, June 14, 5-7 p.m. at the East Cobb Senior Center, 3332 Sandy Plains Road.

There will be no formal presentation, but DOT staff will display project maps and layouts and will take questions from residents.

Changes to Holly Springs roundabout plan

The Cobb DOT planned a roundabout at Holly Springs and Old Canton Road. After receiving feedback at a public meeting last fall, consultants reviewed the corridor traffic and proposed an alternate plan.  The new plan calls for a roundabout at Holly Springs and Post Oak Tritt roads. Traffic simulations indicated the revised plan would improve congestion at the Old Canton Road intersection.

The original description of the project in the 2016 SPLOST project list said, “Construct roundabout with bypass lane to replace existing 3-legged intersection.”  The cost was estimated at $2.2 million.


Reason for the Roundabout

The section on intersection improvements from the 2016 SPLOST booklet described the reason for proposing roundabouts.

Cobb County has over 16,000 intersections, with over 3,100 on the thoroughfare system, which include
over 540 with traffic signal control. As the County has grown considerably over the years, currently with
a population of over 700,000, roadway traffic volumes have increased. Many of Cobb County’s
intersections have been improved to accommodate the increased traffic levels and to meet current
standards through previous Transportation Improvement Programs; however, many remain in need of
improvements to enhance safety and operations.

  • Improve intersection safety and capacity including horizontal and vertical alignment, sightdistance improvements, lane widening, turn lane additions, and installation of traffic signal control.

  • Improve intersection safety and capacity with the addition of roundabouts if feasible, which reduce conflict points of a typical two lane intersection from 32 to 8.

This will be the fourth roundabout project in Northeast Cobb. The others are at Holly Springs and Davis roads, Pope High School, and Post Oak Tritt and Hembree roads.