Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar in Mableton

Ron Bolden, owner of Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar, mixes a Green Forest (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)Ron Bolden, co-owner of Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar, mixes a Green Forest (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar, in the shopping center at the intersection of Mableton Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway, has been in business for a few years. But new owners took charge in August of last year.

The juice bar is in the shopping center where the K-Mart once stood, and if Friday was any indication, it gets a stream of customers from the Planet Fitness gym located in the same complex.

I spoke with co-owner Ron Bolden Friday afternoon.

Asked to describe the business, Bolden said, “It is a health and wellness smoothie bar, so we do juices, we do detox juices, we do shakes, and we do smoothies.  All of our smoothies are an assorted amount of fruit, with agave as the sweetener.  The base that we use for all of our smoothies is either apple juice, orange juice, or almond milk.”


Paradise also offers protein-based shakes, he said. “Our shakes are protein-based shakes. The have protein, whey protein, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry protein.  The base that we use for our shakes is almond milk. They have some kind of protein in them other than the protein powder.  They have granolas, oats, peanuts, or almond nuts.”

“The last thing that we do are detox juices.  All of our juices are an assorted amount of vegetables, add a few fruits, with those drinks, and we whip all that using alkaline water.  Some people like to add a little bit of agave to it just because it adds a little sweetener to it.  But some people, the health and wellness side of us, people that come in for that, they love just doing those juices without the agave,” Bolden said.

Asked what the most popular items on the menu were, he said, “Our number one drink is our Green Forest.  Our Green Forest has kale, spinach, bananas, pineapples and lemons.  That’s our number one smoothie.  Our number one shake is our Purple Nutter Butter. The Purple Nutter Butter has peanut butter, bananas, almond milk.”

Matthew, a regular customer who overheard the interview, said “Nutter Butter is the best one!”

Bolden said, “We get a lot of people from the gym, Planet Fitness, so a lot of people that are up early, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, they’ll come down and get their after-workout shake.”

The customers from the gym come into Paradise to get a protein replenishment and to avoid having a bad meal, he said.

“Our goal is to enhance the health of the community, one sip at a time.”

The address is 5590 Mableton Parkway SW Suite 154, Mableton, GA 30126, and the phone number is (404) 247-3481.

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