Devon Myrick: candidate for Austell city council

Devon Myrick in suit with arms crossedDevon Myrick, candidate for Austell city council Ward 2 seat (photo provided by Devon Myrick)

Devon Myrick is running for the Ward 2 seat on the Austell City Council. He sat down with the Courier in the Cenacle coffee shop in downtown Austell last week to talk about his candidacy.

Myrick works as a plumber for the City of Atlanta, and moved to Austell with his family about 15 years ago.

“I raised two boys here. One is 20. He’s at Eastern Michigan University, and the other one is 12 years old. He’s at Garrett Middle School,” he said.

Myrick said his priority if elected would be activities for youth.


“I’ve been here for 15 years and I see the youth with nothing to do. We got a couple of parks that’s not being used to their full potential. I really would like to get a partnership with the City of Austell and Cobb County Parks and Recreation.”

He said he would like to see some of the areas in Austell damaged by past flooding turned into park land. He said that a couple of subdivisions were wiped out it the flood, and are chained-off green space.

“There is one space in particular … there’s a subdivision that is chain-link fenced wide open. I feel like if we go down and clear that space off, we can put some pea gravel, make a walk track, put in a couple of pavilions, and outdoor exercise machines. Kids and families can go out and have a good time and play right here in Austell.”

“My priority is most definitely the youth and senior citizens of Austell,” he said.

Asked what sort of growth he favored for Austell, he said, “I definitely love the small town appeal. That’s why my family’s been here and I don’t plan on ever leaving.”

“But … I would like to have some more restaurants, a couple things that can stay open a little bit later. Austell really needs some more nightlife. Not as far as 2 a.m. but at least until 10.”

Myrick also said he would push for more funding for the schools that serve Austell. He said that South Cobb High School and Garrett Middle School get insufficient funding.

Asked about police service in Austell, he said police in the city are very visible.

“The crime level is low. I know those guys could probably use a little bit of raise, as well as the firefighters.” Myrick said. “Public Safety is most important to any city and public safety need to be treated like a top priority as well. Because public safety is important for everybody.”

Another program Myrick proposed is a partnership between Norfolk Southern railroad, whose route is a major presence in Austell, and the schools in the area to provide apprenticeship programs for students.

“They can go to Norfolk Southern, start entry level, learn a couple of things and when they get out of school, they got something to go into. I personally feel that college may not be for everyone,” he said. “But if you’ve got a trade, you’ve got a way of living.”

Asked if he had any closing thoughts he would like to say to Austell voters, Myrick said, “I can sum it up pretty easily. My campaign is focused on our children, our community and our future.”

The election will be held this November 5, 2019.