Now we have a podcast

Courier logo, a yellow shape of cobb on a green logoCobb County Courier logo (created by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County Courier now has a podcast, hosted on Buzzsprout, called “Hello, Cobb County.” The first episode is technically a bit spotty, since I’m just figuring out the audio editing software. In particular the sound levels in moving from segment to segment vary far too much.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that, on my computer, the embedded link to the podcast above abruptly dropped the streaming periodically. So the best bet for now is probably to go to the episode page, or visit us on Spotify.

But we’ll get that worked out with practice.

I’ve submitted the podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google podcasts. So far the Spotify listing has been processed, and hopefully “Hello, Cobb County” podcast will be available on your favorite app once the submissions are processed.

The first episode includes a segment on the appointment of Dr. Jackie McMorris as county manager, an interview with Rose Bishop from the Cobb & Douglas Health Public Health project Healthy Start, and a segment on the Cobb County Schools District’s objections to residential developments that would attract families with children.

Any feedback, negative or positive, will be appreciated. You can either leave comments below, on our Facebook page, or email me directly at