Women of Action, Turning Dreams Into Reality

Myesha Good, owner of Politicoach, Alli Neal, founder of Revved Up Kids, Sharon J Hill, founder of the Public Eye Report and Lorna Heid, owner of Independent Grounds Coffee. (photo by Kiah Armstrong)

Acworth, GA.—The 12th Annual Cobb County Women’s History Day Celebration was held Saturday morning at the Chattahoochee Technical College Campus in Acworth, where they honored four women as the panel for discussion.

The four panelists included: Myesha Good, owner of Politicoach, Alli Neal, founder of Revved Up Kids, Sharon J Hill, founder of the Public Eye Report and Lorna Heid, owner of Independent Grounds Coffee.

The discussion was moderated by Michelle Davis who asked questions regarding the panelists current career paths, the challenges they have faced, and other topics.

“Everyone has a different story about how they got interested, and what they did to get to where they are, the obstacles they’ve encountered or are still encountering,” Barbara D’Emilio, co-president of the Marietta Women’s Club said.


The League of Women Voters were also celebrating their 100th year anniversary. Doctor Carol Anderson who is a historian, educator and author, was honored as their special guest.

“We do this every year but what makes this year a little different is the 100th anniversary since the League Of Women Voters was founded,” Elizabeth Melvin, Co-president of the League of Women Voters in Marietta said. “ This year we have an additional speaker, Doctor Carol Anderson, and she will be having a book signing after the event.”

Myesha Good discussed the importance of electing candidates to office who reflect one’s community and values. After studying psychology in college for three years, she realized that politics was her calling.

Lorna Heid was hoping her daughter, who has a developmental disability would be able to find a job after high school. She took a leap of faith by opening her own coffee shop in Roswell, where she aimed to hire people with developmental disabilities. So far, she’s hired 23 people with developmental disabilities between her Kennesaw and Roswell locations.

Alli Neal founded the only Atlanta based nonprofit whose sole focus is to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation. Her nonprofit provides single-session training programs that teach participants to recognize unsafe people and trains people in tactics for escaping attackers.

Sharon J Hill highlighted the importance of maximizing your visibility to the public eye and shared her passion of working with people.

“For me this is special because we have a bonus speaker this year who is actually talking about voters right and voter suppression,” said Maxie Kirk-Williams.

The floor was also opened up for discussion amongst the attendees. Women were able to ask questions regarding politics, education and social issues within the community.

One of the hot topics was about keeping young voters engaged although their candidate had dropped out of the race.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, American Association of University Women, The Marietta Women’s Club and the Rho Zeta Omega chapter helped sponsor the event.

Kiah Armstrong is earning a degree in Journalism at Kennesaw State University. She is a junior and has an interest in writing for a major news network. She is an intern at a magazine publication. She enjoys improv, reading and comedies.


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  1. Sharon J Hill | March 13, 2020 at 6:09 am | Reply

    Thank you Mr. Johnson for the coverage Ms. Armstrong provided of this great honor by the League of Women Voters-Marietta Cobb. I am grateful to Elizabeth Melville for choosing me as a “Woman of Action.”

    It was enriching to share the platform with Alli Neal, Myesha Good, and Lorna Heid,the other Women of Action, as we shared our personal journeys of self-awareness, self-confidence, impacting
    others by ideals, values and love of people. Although our diverse paths spanned high school club and military involvement, college internship, medical adversities, family abuse and public interaction, we all found our voice in helping others and put the power of “hand to plow” for the common good.

    Dr. Carol Anderson, of which we share the voter engagement and empowerment platform spoke truth to power giving insight from redistricting, voter purge, voter ID laws and suppression tactics, etc., across the country full circle to the new voting machines of Georgia. Dr. Anderson gave the backstory of voter disenfranchisement through the civil and voting rights movement citing Dr. Amelia Boynton, Fannie Lou Hamer, and so many more.

    It has been a passionate pleasure to give voice and image representation to individuals and organizations without compromise. Additionally, highlighting important issues as community outreach,the Equal Rights Amendment, and Absentee Voting is at the core of enriching community stewardship and quality of life enhancement.

    For this 100 years of celebrating women’s suffrage, and the women’s organizations dedicated to the enrichment of women, girls and community service, I salute the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, American Association of University Women, The Marietta Women’s Club and the Rho Zeta Omega chapter for partnering with the League of Women Voters-Marietta Cobb for this historic commemoration.
    Remember, “Be the difference and occupy your purpose with intentional influence.” Sharon J. Hill


    To vote in the March 24th Presidential Preferential Primary election, check your voter status and get an absentee (vote-by- mail)ballot application by March 18th to mail by election day, at MY VOTER PAGE mvp.sos.ga.gov
    Get your sample ballot at http://www.cobbelections.org

    Special note:
    A testament from my panel presentation: “It’s not about me doing it, it’s about it getting done.”
    Proud to be the image behind the timely Podcast,to maximize the visibility of The Cobb County Courier. Mr. Johnson, you are the #differencemade to catch the vision and bring it to reality.

    Continued success in the public eye. Thanks again Kiah

    Sharon J. Hill
    2019 Cobb NAACP MLK,Jr. Day “Living the Dream” Award
    Voice & Pen of The Public Eye Report
    Owner, Public Eye Relations
    Human Relations and Image Concepts Systems
    TW & IG @publiceyereport

    “The only difference made is the difference you make, for the common good.” Sharon J. Hill

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