Cobb schools to offer option of traditional or remote learning classroom for 2020-2021

The logo on front of a Cobb County School District facilityCobb County School District sign (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

In a press release today the Cobb County School District announced that when the schools reopen parents will be able to send their children to a traditional face-to-face classroom or do remote learning.

The entire press release is reprinted below:

After months of planning and understanding how student and staff needs have changed as a result of COVID-19 closures, Superintendent Chris Ragsdale announced that Cobb Schools will open for face-to-face instruction with parents being able to choose a traditional classroom or a remote learning classroom. 

This format represents the best solution which balances our two most important priorities: the health and safety of our students and staff and flexibility for each student and family. 


In preparation for our “face-to-face plus choice” model, we will be asking you to choose the classroom environment which is best for you and your family. If your student is new to the District for the upcoming school year, they must first be registered as a CCSD student, which can be completed here. Once the school approves your registration, your ParentVUE account will automatically be activated.  If you already have a student enrolled in the District but do not have an active ParentVUE account, you will need to contact your student’s school for activation.

You will be able to submit your choice beginning on July 2nd but no later than July 10 through ParentVue. Both face-to-face and remote learning options will be available for all students, in all grades K-12. If you choose remote learning, you will be asked to certify that you have access to a device, the internet, and are committed to the remote learning environment for the semester. If you choose face-to-face learning, you will also be asked if you intend for your student(s) to ride the bus.

We also will continue to work tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff and our students. 

  • Social Distancing will be enforced whenever possible. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in multiple locations throughout schools.
  • Masks are encouraged on buses and in school buildings. 
  • Daily and rigorous cleaning protocols will be followed. 
  • Nutritious meals will continue to be served daily. 

We will continue to be in regular discussion with state and public health officials as their guidance is updated. We look forward to your input and appreciate your support as we support learning for every student in Cobb County during these unpredictable times. 


8 Comments on "Cobb schools to offer option of traditional or remote learning classroom for 2020-2021"

  1. There is no way to enforce social distancing in a traditional school setting. Most classrooms are overcrowded with up to 32 students. Buses can have 3 to a seat. How will you keep masks on elementary students? How will you protect at-risk staff?

  2. There were 1700+ cases diagnosed in GA JUST YESTERDAY. People are going to have to die for the district to take this seriously. I hate to say it.

    This is downright negligent. To not even make an attempt to abide by CDC guidelines, and in the litigious society we live in, I would bet money this will result in a lawsuit

  3. The choice they have made is to make no choice. This plan leaves parents in a position of choosing between being at odds with employers and the assured safety of their child. This false sense of “choice” of sending kids in person while the school will not ensure your child’s safety is a poor option. “Whenever possible” regarding distancing equates to no accountability. Masks being “encouraged” rather than required again results in a lack of accountability. We have waited all summer for a decision that is lack luster and punts back to parents who are at the mercy of employers. Employers are concerned about their bottom line. It appears Cobb County Schools are more concerned with appeasing businesses than protecting the children that are in their care. Disappointing. Those who have taken the charge of teaching turning a blind eye and ear to the facts of the numbers and science.

  4. Concerned Parent and Citizen | June 29, 2020 at 4:57 am | Reply

    I believe the Cobb County school board developed a plan that impacts all invested parties except for the most affluent. You should think about the following:

    1. How can the school board meet virtually yet let parents and students know mask and social distancing are recommended?

    2. For working families I can not keep my children at home. Although inconvenient, I could work something out if a hybrid schedule was implemented?

    3. Schools are made to pack students in classrooms and cafeterias. The cafeteria is the “perfect storm” for a so-called super-spreader event.

    At the end of the day, I do not see much difference save allowing kids (lucky enough) to stay home for a semester.

    I expected more for the school board.

  5. I am disappointed that the school district is going to allow face-to-face instructional learning without 1) enforcing mask wearing, 2) providing COVID 19 testing on a regular basis for all students and teachers, and 3) not providing temperature checks for every student and child entering the school. I hope that for those parents who choose virtual learning that the platform provided will allow virtual face -to-face learning, such as Google classroom. I do not feel comfortable allowing my child to return to school with the cases of the virus on the rise, so the district must provide a virtual instructional platform that will enable kids to have virtual face to face instruction, where kids have access to ask teachers questions as though they were physically in the classroom. Parents who choose virtual instruction because they are concerned about the health and welfare of their kids should be assured that the instruction will be exactly the same for parents who are choosing to send their kids to school.

  6. I see here a bunch of grousing and complaining. Do you people have a solution? Bring it forward to the school board.

  7. Wait until we get someone with the backbone to tell Kemp, “ the President does not care about teachers and students”. Today, following Labor Day Dept of Health for Cobb and Douglas list over 18,000. case for Cobb and just under 4000 for Douglas. That is way too many cases. Imagine after an entire week of visiting Disney and Myrtle Beach how high the numbers will be. It is so sad that they will have to lay flowers on the grave of a six year old or a dedicated teacher of 30 years to accept blame. Those biceps will do. I thing to fight off a grieving mother. Thanks for looking out for our children Chris. You made the Donald proud.

  8. Does anyone know the number of Covid cases the day the decision to return F2F. It is 18,000 plus today. That seems very high and will likely be higher after our break in Sept before Oct return. I would really like to know the number of cases prior to Ragsdale choice.

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