Probate judge orders appointments for weapons carry licenses to continue through September

photo of Cobb Superior Court building from the front with a blue sky with clouds in the backgroundCobb County Superior Court (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Cobb’s Chief Probate Judge Kelli Wolk ordered the applications for weapons carry licenses to continue to be by appointment only through at least the end of September.

According to an email alert from the county, this policy was put in place after consultation with health care officials to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

“The demand for these licenses is at an all-time high,” Judge Wolk said. “People tend to line up by the dozens to get into the office, and the space to do that is relatively small. The proximity of people in the courthouse put them, my staff and others who do business here in danger of spreading COVID-19.”

Judge Wolk said that even with the appointment process in place, her office is processing the licenses at a record rate at more than 100 applications a day.


Simple renewals can be done by mail.

Judge Wolk said handling the process via appointments helps staff track visitors to their office in case an outbreak of COVID-19 is reported.

A decision on whether to continue with appointments through October will be made at the end of the month.

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According to the probate court’s web page on weapons carry licenses:

If you do not have email access, call 770-528-1931. The application, except for the signature, must be completed before arriving for your appointment. Those wishing to renew Cobb County Weapons Carry Licenses are still encouraged to do so using our mail in renewal process.

Who is required to get a new license

The probate court website describes the requirement for a new license as follows:

  • You have never had a Weapons Carry License issued in Georgia
  • Your Georgia Weapons Carry License expired on or before February 12, 2020
  • Your Georgia Weapons Carry License was issued in another county, other than Cobb. (You may be eligible for a renewal license, but cannot renew by mail.)
  • You must be domiciled in Cobb County
  • You must be 21 years of age; or
  • If you are 18 – 20 years of age, you may apply for a weapons carry license if proof of the following is provided to the court:
    • that you have completed basic training and
    • that you are actively serving in the armed forces of the United States or that you have been honorably discharged from such service. 
  • Your valid Georgia identification must show your current Cobb County address (P O Boxes will not be accepted). If your ID does not show your current Cobb County address, you should be prepared to prove your domicile with at least two forms of documentation such as: Voter Registration Card, Income Tax records, Property tax statements, Utility bills, Lease Agreements
  • If you have lived at your current address longer than 60 days and your valid Georgia Driver’s License does not reflect your current Cobb County address, pursuant to § 40-5-33, other documents will not be accepted as proof of domicile.
  • Applicants must be fingerprinted within 5 days of submitting application.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must show proof of your lawful presence in the U.S.