New app for reporting problems to Cobb government

Welcome to Cobb County brick sign at Henderson Road on Veterans Memorial

Cobb County will be using a new app for reporting problems, including things like overgrowth near roadways, littering, broken sidewalks, potholes and a long list of other common issues.

Starting January 26 the county will use SeeClickFix to receive complaints about non-emergency quality-of-life issues.

According to a video from SeeClickFix (watch at the bottom of this article) citizens can submit a report and track its progress at every step.

According to a news release on the county website:

SeeClickFix makes it easy for residents to provide the essential information that crews need to respond to concerns using the smart phone application or online tools. Once submitted, citizen concerns are instantly routed to the appropriate staff and the user receives an email acknowledging the service request and a follow-up email once the work is complete or the issue has been resolved.

Users can check the status of their report at any time and other users can view, comment on, and vote to fix items submitted by their neighbors. Users can even create their own “watch areas” to receive notifications about all the reports in their community, enabling them to follow the progress of all service requests—not just the ones they report. 

The news release listed the following issues that can be reported with the app, and said that more types of problems might be added.

Basketball Goal Damage Curb and Gutter Damaged Debris on Shoulder Drainage – House Flooding Drainage – Roadway Flooding Grass Cutting Litter | Graffiti Pavement Marking Issue Pedestrian Bulb Out Pot HoleRoadside Trimming Roadway Ice Shoulder Rut | Drop Off Sidewalk Damaged Sign Issue Signal Bulb Out Signal Malfunction Signals – Trim Trees | Bushes Sink Hole in Roadway Stop Sign DownTree Blocking Roadway Tree Inspection Needed Tree or Bush Blocking Sight Yield Sign Down Park General Maintenance Park Lights Park Playground Park Safety Park Trail Park Tree Park Vandalism | Graffiti

You can download SeeClickFix from the App Store or Google Play or via or

Watch the video about how SeeClickFix works