Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission announces winners of Garden Art Pole competition

Poles decorated in bright colors against a backdrop of treesGarden Art Pole photos courtesy of the City of Kennesaw

The City of Kennesaw issued the following press release about the Spring 2021 Garden Art Poles competition from the Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission (KACC) .

Kennesaw, Georgia (July 21, 2021) – The Kennesaw Art and Culture Commission (KACC) is pleased to announce the winning designs of our Spring 2021 Garden Art Poles were “Pole Jumpers” submitted by Aimee Boothe, “Mother Nature Sees All” submitted by Emily Bosze, “Springvale” submitted by Alaina Jean, “Love Blooms” submitted by Lily Nguyen, and “Native Birds of Kennesaw” submitted by Elizabeth Hornor. The theme of round two is “Nature,” and the KACC was delighted by the entries that were received.

Each unique pole is painted on an 8’ tall 4”x4” post and designed to illustrate anything that is part of the natural world, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, outdoor activities, or to reflect the emotions that nature can evoke. This second round of poles have been planted along the inner walking trail near the Skate Park at Swift-Cantrell Park.

“I am thrilled to share these beautiful nature-themed Garden Art Poles with our community,” states Madelyn Orochena, KACC Chair and project lead. “Like art, the natural world is an awe-inspiring wonder that we often take for granted if we don’t pause to appreciate it.”


As part of an ongoing project, the KACC, in partnership with the City of Kennesaw and Kennesaw Parks and Recreation, will issue a Call for Entries for the next phase of garden art poles in August.

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