Special schedule for Cobb BOC zoning hearings due to number of high-interest cases

Cobb County government building in article about rental assistanceCobb County government building (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

Due to the number of controversial and high-impact cases on the agenda for the Cobb County Board of Commissioners monthly zoning hearing, and the likelihood of high turnout, the county has announced a few changes will be made to the upcoming meeting on Tuesday September 21 at 9 a.m.

The room is under social distancing requirements, and since the turnout will likely be large, some residents attending the meeting might have to wait outside the room or watch from one of the overflow rooms.

The schedule will also be divided into morning and afternoon sessions as follows:

Morning Session
The consent agenda cases and cases Z-28, Z-72 (2020), Z-23, and Z-26.

Afternoon Session
Cases Z-31, Z-40, OB-45, and OB-48.

These meetings are streamed live on CobbTV’s YouTube Channel and at cobbcounty.org/CobbTV. 

Summaries of the cases to be heard

Z-23 Fifty-Nine Twelve Mableton Parkway, LLC

Located on the west side of Mableton Parkway, the north side of Old Powder Springs Road, and south of Old Alabama Road.

Proposed Use: Commercial retail

Z-26 Orchards Development, LLC

Located on the southeast side of Sewell Mill Road, the southwestside of East Piedmont Road.

Proposed Use: Residential Senior Living, nonsupportive residential units

Z-28 Prestwick Development Company, LLC

Located on the south side of White Boulevard, on the west side of Floyd Road, at the terminus of Nickajack Road, and at the terminusof Green Valley Road.

Proposed Use: Multifamily Residential, Retail

Z-72 North Point Ministries, Inc.

Located on the south side of Shallowford Road, the west side of Johnson Ferry Road, the north and south sides of Waterfront Drive, and the east side of Waterfront Circle.

Proposed Use: Church, Retail/Restaurant, Townhomes, Single-family residential

Z-31 Pulte Home Company

Located on the west side of Ebenezer Road, northof the intersection of Ebenezer Road and Blackwell Road.

Proposed Use: Single-family residential subdivision

Z-40 Brazos-Hicks, LLC

Located on the north side of Concord Road, on the east and westside of Bezos Drive, on the east side of Hicks Road.

Proposed Use: Single-family residential subdivision

Link to OB-45 document (scanned application)

Link to OB-48 document (scanned application)