Board of Commissioners zoning meeting this Tuesday, November 16

Cobb County government building in article about rental assistanceCobb County government building (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners will hold its monthly zoning meeting on Tuesday, November 16 at 9.a.m.

There have been a lot of high-impact and controversial zoning cases coming to the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners over the past few months, and the BOC zoning meetings are where final decisions are made on land use and zoning issues.

Zoning meetings are subject to last-minute changes as negotiations continue with applicants, postponements are requested, and site plans are revised, but you can view the agenda in its current form by following this link.

To download the complete packet for the meeting, including summaries of the application, site plans, and any stipulation letters submitted before the agenda was written, follow this link.

Below, we’ve reprinted the agenda as it stands at the publication of this article:

  1. 11-2021 Agendas
  2. Consent and Summary Agendas for 11-2021
  3. Planning Commission Minutes 11-02-2021
    Cases Continued or Held by Planning Commission
  4. Z-48-2021 Dist 1 1818, 1830 Austell Road
  5. Z-61-2021 Dist 1 Stilesboro Road
  6. Z-68-2021 Dist 4 Brookwood Drive
  7. Z-69-2021 Dist 4 245, 309, 335 Hunnicut Road
  8. Z-72-2021 Dist 4 3969, 3989 Flint Hill Road
  9. Z-78-2021 Dist 2 2001 Daniel Street, 2235 Cooper Lake Road
  10. SLUP-3-2021 Dist 1 1818, 1830 Austell Road
  11. SLUP-7-2021 Dist 1 Stilesboro Road
  12. SLUP-9-2021 Dist 4 3969, 3989 Flint Hill Road
  13. SLUP-11-2021 Dist 2 2001 Daniel Street, 2235 Cooper Lake Road
    BOC Regular Cases and New Business
  14. Z-25-2021 Dist 3 Piedmont Road
  15. Z-38-2021 Dist 1 3180 Ellis Road
  16. Z-53-2021 Dist 3 unaddressed parcels (BOC Only)
  17. Z-56-2021 Dist 4 South Cobb School Road
  18. Z-57-2021 Dist 4 1028 East Callaway Road (BOC only)
  19. Z-62-2021 Dist 4 5500 Moon Road
  20. Z-70-2021 Dist 3 2795 Town Center Drive
  21. Z-73-2021 Dist 3 2454 Marneil Drive
  22. Z-74-2021 Dist 3 Wesley Chapel Road
  23. Z-75-2021 Dist 4 7485 Factory Shoals Road
  24. Z-76-2021 Dist 2 2860 Lassiter Road
  25. Z-77-2021 Dist 1 65 Saine Drive, 1564 Sandtown Road, 1582, 1586 Austell Road
  26. Z-79-2021 Dist 3 Hickory Grove Road
  27. LUP-21-2021 Dist 3 3550 Knight Road
  28. SLUP-10-2021 Dist 3 Hickory Grove Road

Details of the meeting

The meeting will be held at the Board of Commissioners Meeting Room – 2nd Floor 100 Cherokee Street Marietta, GA.

You can make comments virtually, and the county website gives the following details and instructions:


Because of pandemic-related restrictions, residents who wished to comment on a case are encouraged to do so virtually.  You will have the same amount of time to address the issue as you would in person.


  • If you are participating virtually, please log on to the session to check the audio at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting. 
  • If you are commenting on a case, please do NOT watch the proceedings on the streaming video channels, as these broadcasts are delayed and could cause you to miss your speaking opportunity.
  • Please register for virtual participation ONLY if you wish to participate in the meeting. 
  • The Q&A feature of the virtual platform will NOT be used to register “votes” or “objections” during the meeting and should not be used as a chat feature.