Cobb water urges residents to dispose of Thanksgiving grease responsibly

Nickajack Creek in video update water reclamation facility(photo by Larry Felton Johnson)Nickajack Creek (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

The Cobb Water system has information on its website on how to dispose of what they call FOG (fats, oils, and grease) in an environmentally responsible manner, and at this same time avoiding blockages in your own plumbing system.

FOG is a byproduct of food preparation, and of course on Thanksgiving is a particularly common environmental problem.

The website states, “It becomes problematic if not managed because it causes blockages in your plumbing and in the sewer collection system.”

What does FOG have to with you? Allowing FOG down your drain may seem harmless, but once
in the pipes FOG cools and clings to everything in the sewer system,” the article continues. “Over time, FOG will
block pipes and force sewage to back up into homes, streets or creeks.”

Cobb Water estimates that 85 percent of sewer blockages are grease-related, and occur in residential areas.

They give the following recommendations for disposing of FOG:

• Scrape pans and plates into the trash (not the sink).
• Pour, wipe, and scrape oil and grease from pans into a container and throw it away.
• Fryer grease should be cooled and then placed in a sealed container and taken to a
recycling center or disposed of in the trash.
• Use sink strainers to catch food and empty strainer into the trash.
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Cobb Water wins EPA recognition for its educational efforts

Cobb Water recently won honors from the EPA for its efforts to educate the public in environmental stewardship.

According to an earlier news release from Cobb County:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Association for Water Professionals recently recognized the Cobb County Water System for its outstanding work. In October, the EPA gave the system with its 2021 WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award for its dedication to helping consumers and businesses save water. In November, the Georgia Association for Water Professionals presented the system its Water Distribution Platinum Award and Wastewater Collections Gold Award for excellence in management, operation and maintenance.