Letter to the Editor: Who is the extremist?

Quill pan and ink in article about absentee ballots

[Editor’s note: this letter to the editor was in response to our article “Voting rights organization, students protest extremist anti-abortion group at KSU“]

To the Editor:

As one of the organizers of the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) which made a recent appearance at Kennesaw State, I wanted to respond to the item that appeared in The Cobb County Courier.

Ironically, our detractors agree with us on the most important aspect of our campaign.  They describe pictures of abortion as traumatic, bloody, and extreme.  We agree.  Abortion is all of those.  Pictures of abortion are shocking because decapitating and dismembering a little human being is shocking.  Anyone with a functioning conscience is appalled by such extreme violence.  Is it logical to argue that the pictures of abortion are traumatic, but the act of abortion is somehow OK?  Or that abortion is OK to do, but too extreme to see?


Unfortunately, the Courier never asked those who protested our display the most obvious question: If abortion is just a simple medical procedure with no moral significance, then why would a picture of it upset you so much?  Here is the answer: Pictures upset them because they can’t defend decapitating and dismembering a little child.

By printing baseless assertions by pro-abortion speakers, without any opportunity for rebuttal, your story alleges that we make misleading or false claims, both about abortion images and about abortion in the Black community.  Exactly which facts about Black abortion are we misstating?  Tell us.  Let’s have that conversation. Which of our statements about abortion generally are misleading?  Tell us.  Let’s have that conversation, as well.

Your story called us “extremist.”  Maybe you’re right, but you will have to explain why it is OK to decapitate and dismember a little human being, but “extreme” to show a picture of it?

C. Fletcher Armstrong, PhD

Director, Southeast Operations

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform