Two 18-year-olds charged in yesterday’s robbery and shooting on Riverside Parkway

Cobb police SUV with "Crime Scene Unit" on side

Two 18-year-old men were charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault in the shooting of an 18-year-old woman who is recovering from her wounds in Grady Memorial Hospital.

Sgt. Wayne Delk of the Cobb County Police Department described the incident as follows in a public information release:

At approximately 3:11 p.m. on August, 9, 2022, Cobb Police Officers were dispatched to an apartment at 595 Riverside Parkway regarding a person shot. They found [name redacted by the Cobb County Courier] inside the apartment suffering from at least three gunshot wounds. She was taken to Grady Hospital in Atlanta where she is recovering from her wounds. Cobb County detectives immediately began working the incident and identified the two suspects who were taken into custody by our Violent Crime Bureau overnight. Both men remain in custody at Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

This shooting remains an active investigation and anyone with information is asked to call 770-499-3945.

According to the booking information from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, the men lived at the same Austell address, and were both arrested on Fairground Street in Marietta.

[The Cobb County Courier has a policy of withholding or redacting the name of suspects unless and until the person is convicted in a court of law or enters a plea of guilty. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and the internet has no effective way of removing reports of arrest if the person is exonerated. We do make exceptions in high-profile cases or charges against public officials where exoneration is likely to be as widely publicized as the initial arrest.

We also redact the names of living victims when an investigation is ongoing at our disgression]