Letter to the Editor: Future may be Dim for Minority Students

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Increasing educational challenges disproportionately affect minority students. A new report shows the devastating impact school closures had on students during the pandemic. Test scores fell to levels not seen in two decades or more.

The pandemic has also disproportionately impacted educational attainment in minority communities. Over half of adults living with K-12 students reported that their children spent less time learning compared to before the pandemic. But minority families often experienced deeper challenges.

Specifically, internet access for online learning was not equally available: while two-thirds of Black children reported “always having internet available for their studies,” over three-quarters of white and Asian children reported the same.

Among all students, two-thirds of all eighth graders are not proficient in math and reading. However, this problem is more pronounced among certain students, with nearly four out of five Black and Hispanic eighth graders falling behind in these subjects. Education gaps persist into adulthood: while more than a third of the overall adult population has a bachelor’s degree or higher, only 25% of Black Americans and 19% of Hispanic Americans do.

Contact local school district to see their data and actions being taken to address reports.

Lawrence King, Publisher/COO STEM News Chronicle