With a significant lead in the unofficial count, Mableton might become a city

A map showing the breakdown of the cityhood vote for Mableton in the southern triangle in Cobb CountyPrecinct breakdown map. Green signifies majority "no" precincts, blue majority "yes"

The count is unofficial, and there are still uncounted absentee ballots, but the “yes” vote on Mableton cityhood has a significant lead. The numbers below are from the votes counted by 3:50 a.m. on November 9, 2022.

At the moment the count stands at 13,156 yes votes (52.98 percent) and 11,674 no votes (47.02 percent), with the precincts south of Veterans Memorial Highway, and in the northwest of the map bordering Austell voting in favor, and the precincts north of Veterans Memorial and from the Floyd Road corridor eastward opposed.

Opponents of cityhood would have to close a 1,482-vote gap with outstanding votes from uncounted absentee ballots to reverse the balance.

Map showing breakdown of the Mableton cityhood vote, with “yes” precincts in blue, “no” precincts in green.

Precinct Breakdown

PrecinctRegistered VotersTotal Yes VotesTotal No VotesTotal
Birney 02364757314432016
Bryant 0119747033711074
Bryant 02551015225602082
Cooper 0148378595281387
Harmony-Leland 0124037375281265
Harmony-Leland 02368313649712335
Lindley 014542139814362834
Mableton 014997136215292891
Mableton 0231818695971466
Mableton 03280060610971703
Mableton 0414972897901079
Norton Park 01461711112
Oregon 025137192135327
Pebblebrook 01481214169022318
Riverside 011720482241723
Sweetwater 0230467835351318


The Mableton cityhood movement was one of the earliest of the four cityhood movements within Cobb County, but the last one of the four to be on the ballot. The referendums for East Cobb, Lost Mountain and Vinings all failed in May, when they were rushed onto the ballot by the Georgia legislature.

The Mableton cityhood effort began by at least 2015, and arose over the perception among south Cobb residents that the areas in commission district 4 were receiving inadequate county services.

Mableton was briefly incorporated as a city from August 19, 1912 to August 17, 1916. The city’s charter was repealed by the state legislature after flood damage occurred that could not be handled within the city’s budget.

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