East Cobb, Lost Mountain and Vinings cityhood votes all fail

a map showing the boundaries of the proposed new cities in Cobb CountyScreenshot of map from Cobb GIS

The tally is unofficial, but with 100 percent of the precincts reporting residents of the proposed cities of East Cobb, Lost Mountain and Vinings all voted no for cityhood. The yes votes lagged from the time the first precincts started reporting Tuesday evening, and never gained ground. Lost Mountain had the most number of precincts voting yes, and they were geographically clustered to the west of Acworth, in the far northwest corner of the county.

The strongest drubbing came to the City of East Cobb, which was the only one of the three proposed cities that opted to form its own police and fire departments. The unofficial percentages stand at 73.41 opposed to the new city proposal and 26.59 percent in favor. Only one precinct, Sope Creek 03, located on the southernmost end of the boundaries, and adjacent to the Chattahoochee River, favored the city as of the count posted at 2 a.m. In Sope Creek 03 the yes votes carried with 51 percent.

Precincts in favor coded blue, opposed green

Lost Mountain cityhood fared somewhat better, and the precincts voting yes were tightly clustered in the six precincts on the northwest part of the county, bordering Paulding County on the west. But the more numerous precincts on the center and southeastward portions of the proposed map all voted no.

Precincts in favor coded blue, opposed green

The vote was 57.92 percent opposed to the proposed city, while 42.08 percent voted in favor.

The proposed city of Vinings had the closest vote, with 54.99 percent opposed to the city while 45.01 percent were in favor. The precinct count, however was similar to East Cobb, with the four Vinings precincts (01 – 04) voting against the proposed city, and the Nickajack 01 precinct in a tie.

Opposed green with the tie vote in gold

The only remaining proposed city in the 2022 election season is the City of Mableton. It will be on the ballot in the November 8 general election.

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