Cityhood Vote in Vinings 04 hand recount identical to original scanned count

The county map of the Vinings 04 precint roughly bounded by South Atlanta Road, Paces Ferry Road, Cumberland Parkway, and the Chattahoochee RiverScreenshot of the County's official precinct map of Vinings 04

Cobb Elections and Registration conducted a hand recount of the Vinings cityhood vote in the Vinings 04 precinct, and the count was identical to the election day ballot scan.

Vinings 04 is the one remaining Vinings precinct that votes Republican in partisan elections, the other three precinct voting consistently Democratic since 2016. The precinct is roughly bounded by S. Atlanta Road on the south and Paces Ferry Road on the north, the Chattahoochee River on the east, and Cumberland Parkway on the far western edge.

Here is what the county posted about the recount on its website:

June 6, 2022 – At a resident’s request, Cobb Elections conducted a limited scope audit of last month’s election. Workers recounted the votes cast for Vinings Cityhood in one precinct to compare the total reported by the ballot scanning equipment to the hand count.

The hand counting was delayed after elections personnel realized they had not brought both bags containing the Vinings04 ballots to Elections HQ. When it was completed, however, the hand count matched the election night numbers exactly.

Elections Director Janine Eveler said that even though the audit was not required, she wanted to provide an example to show results have been counted accurately.  Please watch the video for more.

About the Vinings cityhood referendum

Vinings was one of three cityhood initiatives rushed onto the May 24 ballot by the Georgia legislature.

All three cityhood efforts failed, with East Cobb cityhood decisively rejected, Lost Mountain faring slightly better, and Vinings coming the closest.

The day after the election we wrote:

The proposed city of Vinings had the closest vote, with 54.99 percent opposed to the city while 45.01 percent were in favor. The precinct count, however was similar to East Cobb, with the four Vinings precincts (01 – 04) voting against the proposed city, and the Nickajack 01 precinct in a tie.

The only remaining cityhood vote is the proposed City of Mableton, which is scheduled to be on the November general election ballot.