Atlanta Latino Lions Club adopts two miles of Windy Hill Road in Cobb County

A large group of members of the Atlanta Latino Lions Club standing and kneeling around bags of trash they've collected along Windy Hill Road

Barry Krebs, an avid volunteer with Keep Cobb Beautiful and other civic organizations in Cobb County, sent the following report and photos about a cleanup of a two-mile stretch of Windy Hill Road adopted by the Atlanta Latino Lions Club.

Atlanta Latino Lions Club adopts two-miles of Windy Hill Road

Krebs wrote:

“We appreciate the Atlanta Latino Lions Club who conducted their first litter clean-up of their newly adopted two-mile section of Windy Hill Road.

“This is an important road because it is heavily traveled and has guardrails where litter gathers.

This section of the road is the border between Cobb County District 3 and District 1 and is on the Keep Cobb Beautiful Litter Index route.

“It always damages both district scores. You can look forward to a more litter free Windy Hill Road. To learn more about the Atlanta Latino Lions Club please visit their Facebook page at .

“They do many different projects that improve our community while having fun. They are the fastest growing Lions Club in Cobb County.

“If you or your civic organization is interested in the Adopt-A-Mile program, please reach out to Dawn at . She will provide you with your supplies and order your signs to be installed on both sides of your mile.”

About Barry Krebs

Barry Krebs is well known in Mableton and other parts of south Cobb for the wide variety of volunteer work he does with Keep Cobb Beautiful, the South Cobb Lions Club, Sweetwater Mission, and First Christian Church of Mableton.

Barry often sends reports, photos and announcements to the Courier, highlighting cleanups, volunteer activities, and community resources in south Cobb and other parts of the county.

We’re going to periodically group his reports and publish them along with the great photos he always sends.