Breeze 2.0 mobile app available for CobbLinc riders now

image with a bus and train with the text Public Transit

The Cobb County Department of Transportation (Cobb DOT) announced that the Breeze 2.0 mobile app is now available for download by CobbLinc riders.

It is available for iOS and Android devices, and you can download it for free from either the App Store or Google Play.

Breeze Mobile 2.0 is the Atlanta region’s new transit mobile fare payment system. 

The app is already in use on the MARTA system and is coming soon to CobbLinc.  For a detailed description of the app visit the Breeze 2.0 page at MARTA.

The CobbDOT announced that with the Breeze Mobile 2.0, you can expect:

  • Convenience at the tap of a finger: just download the app on your phone and buy your pass
  • Peace of mind: once you register, your passes are stored in the cloud, so you are protected – even if you lose your phone or get a new one

The news release announcing the launch of the app gives further information:

You can manage your accounts directly. You can save or change your payment information for faster check-out and track your purchase history.  

What are the benefits of Breeze Mobile 2.0?

  • Transfers to and from MARTA are FREE!
  • Seamless payments across the region with Xpress, MARTA, CobbLinc, and Ride Gwinnett all using the same app.
  • Quick & Easy: Just download the app on your phone and buy your pass.
  • Instant Purchase: You can use your pass immediately when you’re ready to ride.
  • Contactless: Just hold your smartphone or wearable device to the reader.
  • Convenience: Your pass is always on your phone. (Much harder to lose than a card.)
  • Security: Once you register, your passes are stored in the cloud, so you are protected.

Breeze Mobile 2.0 Help & FAQs

Click here to view the Breeze Mobile 2.0 FAQs.

Click here to view short videos to walk you through the steps of using the Breeze Mobile 2.0 app.

“No need to dig in your wallet for your Breeze card,” the public information release stated. “Just use the app on your smartphone. Get ready to enjoy an app that allows FREE transfers to and from MARTA!”

CobbLinc states you should make  sure to use up any existing Token Transit passes by September 30.

About the Cobb County Department of Transportation

The Cobb County DOT website describes the responsibilities of the department as follows:

The Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) develops, manages, and operates Cobb County’s transportation system. This system includes a vast network of roadways, sidewalks, and trails; a transit system that provides public transportation; and an airport that serves business and recreational flying needs.

The Director and Deputy Director oversee all functions of the Cobb DOT.

Cobb DOT consists of several divisions, including engineering, traffic operations, planning, airport, transit, and road maintenance. It also includes support services, which is a general designation for services that support Cobb DOT across all divisions.

The director of the department is Drew Raessler.