Run-down from Tuesday’s BOC zoning meeting

Cobb County government building sign, a vertical rectangular sign with the words "Board of Commissioners," "County Clerk," "County Manager," "County Office," "Employment," and a wheelchair entrance icon

by Caleb Groves

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at its monthly zoning meeting the Cobb County Board of Commissioners denied two townhome developments while later approving plans for a new single-family home subdivision.

David Pearson Communities, Inc., represented by attorney Kevin Moore, went before the board to present a rezoning application for an over eight-acre plot of land off of the west side of Atlanta Road, north of Daniell Drive, to plan and construct 96 townhomes.

After a planning commission pushback at a meeting two weeks prior, the applicant made adjustments to the site plan to accommodate some staff recommendations while not addressing others, such as buffers between neighboring properties while not adjusting the number of townhomes.

“Given that this property has a portion of it, just over an acre of it, zoned RM-12 (residential townhome use) for 12 units per acre for townhomes,” Moore said. “If it’s appropriate for one acre of our eight, then it’s appropriate for all eight acres, from our standpoint.”

In response, 10 nearby members of the community opposed the townhome development.

Elizabeth Hardy pushed back and expressed her concerns over the high density of townhomes, close proximity to neighboring developments, what she described as poor stormwater management and lack of greenery in the area.

“The wooded area is important as it sits in between two highly developed areas of downtown Smyrna and downtown Marietta,” Elizabeth Hardy said.

The BOC unanimously voted in denial of the rezoning request.

“I think this area is ripe for investment,” Chairwoman Cupid said. “I just think it needs to make sense for the community.”

Following this case, the BOC denied a request for 76 townhomes located in a single-family residential subdivision located on the east side of Alabama Road and on the north and south sides of Lindsey Way, east of Alabama Road. The applicant faced opposition from eight people and a petition with over 105 signatures.

The townhome development is inconsistent with neighboring zoning, Tom Ganschow said. Furthermore, he discussed his concerns regarding water runoff and the deepening of a nearby stream, running along the property.

“The fact that this plan requires so many variances to try and force this development should be the ultimate red flag,” Ganschow said.

In line with staff recommendations, the BOC unanimously voted in denial of the application.

Following the request denials, the BOC approved a 180 home development located on the east side of Brown Road, north of Stout Parkway.

The 149-acre development will include a homeowners association and amenities for residents such as a clubhouse, pools, parks and cabanas.

Initially, the property site plan proposed 188 homes, which have since been reduced to 180 after community meetings, Moore said.

The president of the Brown’s Crossing HOA, Clithon Rice, was hopeful for the new development and the developer’s effort to address storm water issues on the property that past applicants did not address.

The board voted 5-0 in approval of the single-family home development.

Caleb Groves is a Journalism student at Kennesaw State University, where he is a junior.

Originally from Minnesota, Caleb moved to Georgia with his family, where he now lives in Woodstock with his Father, Stepmom and numerous pets.

When he is not in writing, in class or coaching rock climbing, he spends his time listening to music and rock climbing both indoors and out