Georgia Native Plant Society works to rid Heritage Park of invasive plants

Mableton Councilwoman Patty Auch with two women from GPNS

Barry Krebs sent the following report and photos from the Georgia Native Plant Society’s recent work removing invasive plants from Mableton’s Heritage Park.

The Heritage Park area looks a lot better after volunteers from the GA Native Plant Society worked in the park to remove intrusive plants that are disrupting the ecosystem of the park. Visitors from Trees Atlanta came to help as well. The effort was well organized with additional native plants that replaced the pulled intrusive plants. Please visit…/gnps-blog-central/ to learn more. They also have a Facebook page at .

Afterwards, City Councilwoman Patty Auch and the Lions Club cleaned up 14 bags of litter from the park, Fontaine Road the adopted “In Memory Of Paul Susko” mile of Nickajack Road. Before Paul passed away, he managed one of the original adopt-a-miles in the area and kept Nickajack Road looking excellent. We miss him and try to honor his memory by keeping his mile looking good.

If you would like to dedicate an Adopt-A-Mile to a loved one, please reach out to Dawn at . She will arrange everything including getting you the supplies that you need to keep the mile looking good.

Barry Krebs is a well-known fixture in the South Cobb community due to his vigorous volunteer work with Keep Cobb Beautiful, the South Cobb Lions Club, Sweetwater Mission, and First Christian Church of Mableton.

If you are active in community affairs in Mableton, Austell or Powder Springs, you’ll encounter Barry, because Barry is everywhere.