How did Cobb County get its name?

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Cobb County, formed in 1832 after the Cherokee were expelled from their land northwest of present-day Atlanta, was named after U.S. congressman and U.S. senator Thomas Willis Cobb.  Cobb was born in 1784.  He served terms in Congress representing the district surrounding Greensboro, GA,  from 1817 to 1821, and after losing an election, was reelected for another term in 1822.  In 1824 he was elected to the Senate, and served until 1828.  Cobb was ardently pro-slavery while in the House and Senate.

Cobb died in 1830, and is buried in Greensboro City Cemetery.

The inscription on his grave reads:

Sacred to the memory of the Honorable Thomas W. Cobb, who departed this life on Monday 1st February 1830 in the 46th year of his age. He had been at successive periods a Representative and Senator in the Congress of the United States, and was at the time of his death a judge of the Superior Courts of the State of Georgia. In his domestic circle he was fond and affectionate. As a friend he was ardent and devoted. As a man, honorable, generous, and sincere. As a statesman, independent, and inflexible. As a judge, pure, and incorruptible. Amiable in private, and useful in public life, his death was a deep affliction to his children, his friends, and his country. “An honest man’s the noblest work of God.”


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  1. Harom Pringle | August 13, 2020 at 3:52 pm | Reply

    Its a tatic of racism to alleviate all of the factual truth about this guy. He was just pro slavery he wrote the laws to solidify the chokehold of this tragically horrible institution. Its deceiving the public and allows for Cobb’s name to be on the license plates of African Americans without them being fully aware of Cobb’s ardent racist views. No one wants to willingly display or represent anyone who’s record is of designing the legislature that intended to destroy you and keep you enslaved. Time to change the name of Cobb county Georgia. Thomas Willis Cobb is not s upstanding representative of the bill of rights or the constitution. And we do not want to continue to honor those that championed all the evils slavery and domestic terrorism.

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