How did Clinton’s performance compare with Barksdale’s in Cobb County?

From the Cobb DFCS website

Clinton won Cobb County, but the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Jim Barksdale didn’t.  A good intuitive way of looking at the results is in three charts.  These bar charts, color coded for the four candidates, give not only a good overview of who won and lost each precinct, but how big the spreads were.  The charts include precincts where  Clinton and Barksdale both won, precincts where Clinton won but Isakson won too, and precincts where Trump and Isakson won.  There were no precincts where both Trump and Barksdale won.

First, here is a chart of precincts both Democrats carried:


One question about the results of the election is the extent to which Clinton’s showing in Cobb County was due to otherwise Republican voters refusing to vote for Trump. The chart which may have clues is the list of precincts that voted for Clinton for president, but Isakson for U.S. senator.



Finally there were the precincts which voted for both Trump and Isakson.


Here’s Google’s useful Cobb County precinct map.  Just click on the icon in the upper left hand corner to get a list of precincts.  If you click on a precinct name on the list it will highlight the location on the map.