Cobb County Precinct Level 2016 Election Results in One Chart

From the Cobb DFCS website

Here is a bar graph of the 2016 presidential results for Cobb County precincts. Below it is a google precinct map to make it easy to find the location of any given precinct. If you are interested in more detailed information complete Cobb County election results can be found at the Secretary of State’s page on the Cobb general election for 2016. My purpose in posting this is to give a simple picture of how the election went precinct by precinct.  If you have any comment on how easy this is to read or use, please comment at the bottom.  The color coding is on the right edge halfway down the chart, but Clinton is coded blue, Trump red, and Johnson purple.


Google’s Cobb County interactive precinct map is easy to use. Just click on the icon in the upper left hand side to get a list of precincts. If you click on a precinct it will highlight it on the map. If you click on the map icon it will give you the location of the precinct.