More Cobb County Government Twitter Accounts To Follow

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This is the second in a periodic series on social media accounts of organizations and personalities of interest to Cobb County residents.  We’ll feature Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from across the county,  including governments and elected officials, police departments, nonprofit organizations, notable individuals in the arts, and news organizations.  We’ll also, as the series progresses give tips on how to best use social media to keep up with what’s going on in Cobb County. Each installment will highlight four accounts on one social media platform.  In this article, we feature four more accounts from the Cobb County government’s Twitter accounts.

In last week’s installment of this series, we presented the Twitter accounts for the Cobb County government, the Cobb County Police, The Cobb County DOT, and the Cobb County Library.

In this article, we’ll feature four more that are always useful, and often fun.

Cobb County Schools

The Cobb County Schools Twitter account sends announcements of school closings and reopening for inclement weather, ceremonies for honors given to students, teachers, and staff, and news about various things going on in schools within the system.  Here’s a tweet from Nov 8 about the involvement of students in an event sponsored by the Atlanta Braves Institute at the Center for Civil and Human Rights.


Cobb County PARKS

If you’re ever searching for a nearby activity, the Cobb County PARKS tweet information on classes, concerts, health workshops, visual art events, and fun events for family and children.

Here’s a tweet about an upcoming raku workshop at the Mable House Arts Center.


Cobb County GIS

You might not find maps, charts and demographic information the most exciting subject, but the Cobb County GIS department, which develops maps for the county, often tweets fascinating and interactive maps and charts.  Here’s an example: a visual description of the network of mixed-use trails under development in the county.  Soon you’ll be able to travel from any region of the county to any other region on these trails.


Cobb County Fire Department

According to Bernard King, Cobb County’s Public Program Coordinator, who is also a FEMA and GEMA instruction trainer, fires are the most common disaster the community faces.  The Cobb County Fire Department has an active twitter account that tweets news of fires, events involving the county’s firefighters, and safety information.  Here’s a tweet from this morning with a video clip of a fire on Old Concord Road.


We’ve focused on Twitter for two installments.  In the next article we’ll take a look at the county’s Facebook pages.