Cobb BOC approves funding for new assistant DA to expedite entries into drug court

Cobb County Superior CourthouseCobb County Superior Courthouse (photo by Larry Felton Johnson, Cobb County Courier)

On Tuesday night the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved funding to hire an additional Assistant District Attorney to lessen the time lag for qualified applicants to be accepted into the drug accountability court.  The Cobb County Drug Treatment Court is a program for non-violent felony substance abuse offenders.  Its participants are put through a rigorous 18-month regimen of drug treatment and supervision.  They are required to undergo routine drug testing and attend frequent meetings and hearings.  When they complete the program they can have their charges dismissed and avoid prison time.

The cost for the additional assistant DA will be $111,000 per year, and Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds asked $46,961.53 to cover the cost for the remainder of this fiscal year.

Cobb County’s Accountability Courts website describes the purpose of the program as follows:

The Cobb County Drug Treatment Court strives to reduce substance abuse, crime, and recidivism by providing intensive supervision, treatment, and judicial guidance for alcohol and/or chemically dependent individuals. The purpose of the treatment program is to integrate substance abuse treatment with the justice system, for the promotion of public safety, individual responsibility, citizenship, and reduction of recidivism.