Three denied bond and bound over to Cobb Superior Court for Marietta armed robbery

Doorway to magistrate court, the court which conducts eviction hearings

At a probable cause and bond hearing in Cobb County magistrate court Friday, Judge Kellie Hill denied bond to Misty Lynn Wright of Alabama, Keinan Jarrell Reese of Alabama, and Michael Jay Nettles of Atlanta.  They were charged in a March 14 motel room robbery on Northwest Parkway in Marietta and were also charged with drug possession. Judge Hill denied bond citing flight risk since two of the suspects lived out-of-state, and due to the seriousness of the charges.

A Marietta police detective testified during the hearing that the victim called the police before 3 a.m.  The victim told police he had made arrangements with Wright for sex for a charge of $100, but that his intent was to offer her $60 to photograph her feet.  Wright, according to the victim, told him that unless he paid the agreed-upon rate, he should leave.  She then made a phone call.  The victim said Reese and Nettles soon entered, and one of them pointed a gun at the victim’s stomach.  The victim tried to leave the motel room, and Reese and Nettles attempted to grab his bag, containing a camera and an Apple laptop.  During the course of the struggle, one of the suspects acquired the victim’s cell phone.  The victim managed to leave the room and used the phone of an Uber driver to call the police.

The police arrested the three suspects and got a warrant to search their cars, where they found the victim’s cell phone, a gun, and illegal drugs. The victim gave police permission to look through text messages to confirm that he had made arrangements to meet with Wright for sex.

According to the booking information from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Department, Wright was charged with armed robbery, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and prostitution.  Nettles was charged with armed robbery, and Reese was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and several counts of possession of illegal drugs.

All three suspects were bound over to the Superior Court for trial.