Marietta police chief compares Cobb robbery suspects to Bonnie and Clyde

photo of Marietta City Hall

In a news release yesterday, Marietta police Chief Dan Flynn published an article declaring two high-profile robbery suspects a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. He wrote, “Their spree, however, ended in Adel, Ga. with a much different outcome than Bonnie and Clyde; the difference being no one was injured in the Session and Wilson crime spree nor when they were taken into custody without incident.”

Lashumbia Session, 38,  and Mykia Wilson, 37 have been charged on suspicion of multiple crimes connected to a series of robberies, most along Austell Road between South Cobb Drive and the East West Connector. The investigation of the crime spree began with a series of robberies in early August.

Marietta police chief describes investigation and arrest

Flynn, in his article, described the beginning of the Marietta Police Department’s role in investigating the series of incidents, which were already under investigation by the Cobb County Police Department.

“On Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 4:24 a.m., two suspects, one male – one female robbed a convenience store at gunpoint in Marietta, Ga.  Initial responding officers of the Marietta Police Department (MPD) rapidly broadcasted a detailed bulletin/ B.O.L.O. on the police radio network and notified the on-call detective, Mike Selleck, of the Marietta Police Department (MPD).  Almost immediately, Sergeant Colin Berry (MPD) heard the broadcast and recalled that the neighboring Cobb County Police Department (CCPD) had issued a similar description for male and female robbery suspects a few days earlier. He immediately related his observations to Detective Selleck.”

He wrote that his department contacted the Cobb County Police Department, and Detective Bratley of the Cobb County department informed the Marietta police that the Smyrna Police Department was also investigating robberies that were possibly the work of the two suspects.

The three departments formed a collaborative multi-agency investigative task force, and found evidence that the suspects might be headed to Florida.

Flynn wrote, “Thus, they broadcasted the B.O.L.O. statewide in Georgia and it was received by Georgia State Patrol (GSP) Trooper First Class Reid who was assigned to the South Georgia Region. TFC Reid in turn notified Lieutenant Chris Griffin of the Adel Police Department (APD) (Adel is a South Georgia municipality approximately 220 miles away from the Marietta/Cobb area.) Together they set out searching the Adel area for Session and Wilson.

During their search, TFC Reid and Lt. Griffin found Session and Wilson and apprehended them in a shopping center parking lot in Adel.”

Flynn reported that the funeral procession for a former police chief was underway nearby, and numerous officers flooded into the parking lot when the arrest was made.

“It had to be a sight to behold for Sessions and Wilson,” Flynn wrote.

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