SunTrust to Truist Park name change to take 18-24 months

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The Associated Press wrote in an article that the transition of the name change of the Braves stadium from SunTrust Park to Truist Park could take up to two years.

The Courier contacted Truist via email, and the company confirmed the timeline.

Company spokesperson Thomas Crosson wrote to the Courier:

While we are proud to have completed our merger of equals, it will take some time for Truist to convert all existing SunTrust and BB&T branded assets. This includes branches, office buildings, ATMs, and sponsored facilities. We are still in the process of finalizing the Truist brand, and plan to reveal it in early 2020. Once unveiled, we expect the full brand transition to take 18-24 months, and we are carefully evaluating and developing a plan for all changes to signage and other branded assets within our partner venues and properties. We look forward to updating our community and partners as soon as a plan is finalized.

The merger of SunTrust and BB&T to form Truist was announced in February, and received regulatory approval in November.