High volume of absentee ballot requests flood the Cobb election system

Cobb County government building in article about rental assistance still availableCobb County government building (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

According to a news release from Cobb County, the heavier-than-usual volume of requests for absentee ballots is placing challenges on election officials.

The news release states:

Cobb Elections continues processing large quantities of mail ballot applications. However, the State has not yet begun mailing out the actual ballots. If you have already sent in your application, please be patient. As soon as the ballots have started mailing, we will update our website and social media channels.

Cobb voters can fill out absentee ballot applications at cobbelections.org. The preferred email to send in your application is absentee@cobbcounty.org, but if you sent the request to “info@cobbelections.org” it has been forwarded to the preferred address, so you do not need to resubmit.

Watch the video of Cobb elections Director Janine Eveler describing the situation


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