Letter to the Editor: A Diverse School Named After a Confederate

map of Wheeler High School used in article "Diverse school named after ConfederateScreenshot of Openstreetmap map of Wheeler High School (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

[This Letter to the Editor is by Ashleigh Ewald, a student at Wheeler High School]

As a senior at Wheeler High School and SGA Co-President, I am speaking up about my opinion and mine only on urging the Cobb County School Board to change the high school’s name. [Editor’s note: the letter writer asked us to change this line from a previous version to clarify that she was speaking for herself]

Wheeler high school is Georgia’s 6th most diverse school and in that case, leaving Joseph Wheeler honored by keeping our school named after him, is a slap across the diverse student body that we have.

Students, parents, and faculties can enter the building observing hundreds of flags representing different countries across the globe.

Our Wheeler Wildcats proudly value unique cultures and different backgrounds.

Still presently our school that has 74% of students being a minority, is named after an individual who would be opposed and sickened to see Wheeler high school today.

This is the best time to use our voices, sign petitions, contact officials, and do what you can to build a unified society. 


Ashleigh Ewald, Marietta 

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