Loudermilk to introduce bill to cut unemployment benefits

headshot of Representative Barry Loudermilk with flag behind his right shoulderRep. Barry Loudermilk (official Congressional photo -- public domain)

Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia’s 11th U.S. Congressional District announced in a press release that he will introduce legislation to cut the federal supplement to unemployment benefits.

Loudermilk represents the northern portion of Cobb County, along with Bartow and Cherokee Counties, and a sliver of Fulton County.

The $300 per month supplement has come under coordinated attack from the Republican Party under the theory that it discourages unemployed workers from reentering the workforce.

Montana, Arkansas, South Carolina and West Virginia are among Republican-led states that have made moves to refuse the benefit.

Loudermilk’s attempt to remove the benefit at the federal level, though, is unlikely to pass, with the House, Senate, and presidency all in Democratic hands.

“So many small businesses in my area are at a breaking point. While they have seen a steady rise in business over the past few months, many are nearing or exceeding their capacity to serve their customers because of the critical shortage of workers and the escalating cost of goods and materials,” Loudermilk said in the press release. “The federal government’s unemployment insurance subsidy is the primary source of the problem in getting enough workers, and these business owners and their hardworking employees are demanding for it to end.”

“Paying people to be idle when there are countless jobs available is insane, and it must change. This week, I will introduce a bill to end the insurance subsidy immediately. It’s time to stop the insanity and move this country towards more employment, not less,” he wrote. “The American worker is the backbone of our economy; and, without a vibrant and plentiful workforce, America’s economy comes to a halt. At that point, everyone feels the pain. America’s economy is poised to grow substantially, if we just get government out of the way and free the American workforce to work.”

You can read Rep. Loudermilk’s complete news release by following this link.