Unofficial House District 34 election results: Seabaugh defeats Smith

absentee ballot drop boxBallot drop at the South Cobb Government Center (photo by Larry Felton Johnson)

In the unofficial election results for Georgia House District 34, Republican Devan Seabaugh defeated Democrat Priscilla Smith with a substantial 62.97 percent of the vote.

The unofficial results can be viewed by following this link.

The count of total votes is unlikely to change much. Any cured provisional ballots would be processed on Friday, but the election website displays no provisional ballots for either candidate.

Seabaugh’s wide margin of victory makes his win and certification at the Cobb Board of Elections and Registration meeting on Monday July 19 on a near certainty.

As of 9:43 p.m., with 100 percent of precincts reporting, Seabaugh had 5,604 votes (62.97 percent of total) to Smith’s 3,296 (37.03 percent of the total).

There were 5,360 votes cast on election day, 185 absentee votes, and 3,355 votes cast during the advanced voting period.

8,900 total votes were tallied in the runoff out of a registered voter population in the district of 42,089, representing a 21.15 percent turnout.

Recent election history of HD-34

Albert T. “Bert” Reeves, the previous representative of House District 34 entered the Georgia House of Representatives as a Republican after defeating another Republican, incumbent Charles Gregory, in the 2014 GOP primary. Gregory himself came into the office after beating a Republican incumbent in the 2012 election. Neither Reeves nor Gregory had Democratic opposition in their first general election races.

Reeves is an attorney and was a former Assistant District Attorney (ADA).

He resigned the HD-34 seat to take a job as Vice President for Institute Relations at his alma mater, Georgia Tech.

Characteristics of Georgia House District 34

The following demographic breakdown of HD-34 is excerpted from a previous article we published:

Racial and ethnic breakdown of the district

All the numbers in this section were taken from the ACS census table you can view by following this link. The complete table has much more detailed information you can browse.

As of the 2019 census survey, non-Hispanic white people comprised 61.7 percent of the HD-34 population, Black people 20.5 percent, Hispanic residents 9.2 percent, and the Asian population in the district stood at 5.7 percent.

People who identified themselves as being from two or more races stood at 2.8 percent.

Income and poverty within the district

An estimated 4,266 residents of House District 34 had household incomes fell below the federal poverty level. That accounts for a poverty rate of 7.8 percent of the population according to this table from the Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey.

The median household income in the district is $77,339. For non-Hispanic white households the median income is $79,635, for Black households the median income in the district is $60,890, for Asian households $82,245 and for Hispanic households the median income is $77.182.

The figures for median household income were taken from this table from the 2019 ACS.

What is the age distribution in the district?

House District 34 has a relatively young population. The largest single age range is 20-24, at 9.2 percent of the HD-34 population. By contrast, countywide the 20-24 year old segment stands at 6.5 percent of Cobb’s population.

The presence of a large number of Kennesaw State University students is a probable factor in that.

Here is a table showing the age breakdown of the district:

Age RangePercentage
Under 5 years6.6
5 to 9 years5.6
10 to 14 years5.7
15 to 19 years9
20 to 24 years9.2
25 to 29 years7.7
30 to 34 years7.4
35 to 39 years5.8
40 to 44 years5.7
45 to 49 years6
50 to 54 years6.7
55 to 59 years6.4
60 to 64 years5.3
65 to 69 years4.3
70 to 74 years3
75 to 79 years1.9
80 to 84 years2
85 years and over1.8


According to this table from the 2019 ACS there is a ratio of 83.9 males for every 100 females in House District 34, a significantly higher number of women than men in the district.

Renters and home ownership

There are an estimated 21,449 occupied housing units according to this table from the ACS.

13,518 are owner-occupied. 7,931 are renter-occupied.

Here is a table describing the housing units by the type of structure they are in, taken from this ACS table:

1, detached12970
1, attached2446
2 apartments66
3 or 4 apartments94
5 to 9 apartments589
10 or more apartments4796
Mobile home or other type of housing488