KSU fundraising reaches 217 percent of goal

KSU bus

Kennesaw State University announced Friday in a news release posted to the KSU website that the university had a very successful FY2021 fundraising cycle, and in fact had reached 217 percent of its goal for the year.

According to the news release, in the two years spanning 2019 to 2021, the Kennesaw State University Foundation’s fundraising from private sources rose to more than $60 million, more than triple any other two-year period in KSU history.

KSU’s VP for advancement, Lance Burchett, said for the news release, “The work of our trustees, Foundation staff and the support from University leadership has helped us share Kennesaw State’s success story, which has inspired a rapidly growing group of supporters. This dynamic team has led to the doubling of the KSU endowment in only two years – to around $100 million – simply breathtaking!”

“Our trustees are not only financial supporters of Kennesaw State themselves, but they are effective in widening the circle of donors by advocating for the University and its mission to provide a world-class education and produce groundbreaking research,” KSU Foundation Chairman Trenton Turk said in the news release. “Our 57 trustees are dedicated to furthering the mission of KSU through contributing their time, talents and treasures. Many of our major donations originated directly from one of our trustees or from a contact established by one of our trustees.”

Kennesaw State interim President Kathy Schwaig praised the work of the Kennesaw State University Foundation, and said private funding is important to fund undergraduate and graduate studies, and research.

KSU outlined some of the highlights of the fundraising season in their news release:

  • Fundraising for FY21 reached 217 percent of its goals.
  • The number of proposals for grants of $50,000 or more has risen to 129 this year, compared to just 28 in FY18.
  • Major gifts are 107 this year, compared to 54 in FY18.
  • KSU’s administrative costs to raise a dollar have plummeted from 41 cents in FY19 to 15 cents in FY21.