Teótl Foundation honored at Cobb BOC meeting

Teótl Foundation members lined up in group photo with Chairwoman Lisa Cupid. Two of the members are dressed in traditional Mexican dancer's garbRepresentatives from the Teótl Foundation with Chairwoman Cupid (photo courtesy of Cobb County)

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners honored the Teótl Foundation at Tuesday evening’s meeting.

Speaking for the organization, Adriana Molina said “Good evening, everybody. Thank you so much.”

“Though the foundation was founded 10 years ago by our CEO Father Jaime Molina at St. Thomas the apostle Catholic Church in Smyrna, five years ago, we decided to become a nonprofit,” she said. “And our organization’s mission is to promote and preserve Mexican culture in the United States through cultural activities.”

“The group has around 100 members of all ages, but our focus is the youth,” Molina said. “We currently have a folk dance group and a Charrería group, which is Mexican livestock herding practices.”


“The participants learn and promote their abilities through a variety of events, while simultaneously promoting identity, unity and diversity,” she said. “In addition, our foundation has supported various causes to help the Hispanic community while providing for the poor, respecting diversity, and promoting values and faith.”

In introducing the Teótl Foundation, Cobb BOC Chairwoman Lisa Cupid said, “We have a treat in store for us today in recognition of the Teótl Foundation. They have been with us in Cobb County, engaging our young people to have a sense of pride in their Hispanic or Mexican heritage.”

“And I think this is very fitting considering that we are in (Hispanic) Heritage Month to recognize what you’ve been doing here,” she said.

“This is a certificate of recognition to to foundation,” she said. “The Cobb County BOC would like to recognize you for all the work the organization and volunteers have done to preserve, share and educate the community on the cultural activities from Mexico.”

“Your nonprofit has provided younger generations opportunities to practice folkloric dances, Charrería, and preserve other artistic traditions,” Cupid said. “We thank you for all the work you have done and the work you are continuing to do in the Hispanic community.”

After the presentations two members of the foundation performed a Mexican folk dance.

Watch the performance in the video embedded below:

For more information, please visit the Teótl Foundation Facebook page.